Thursday, August 7, 2008

Well, I've thought about blogging about a lot of things. My experiences at starbucks, at school, in life- but if i were anyone else, i wouldn't give a flying brick about any of that. And, to be honest, i couldn't write about it- even when i tried- without feeling like a preteen keeping a diary about how unattractive i feel and how funny i think i am.
Then, tonight, it struck me- First, 3 different friends each called me asking my opinion about the Brett Favre Situation. Then, another friend talked to me at length about the joys of blogging. So i put 3 (number of friends) and 4 (brett Favre's number) together and got? That's right. 7. And how old am I? 20. Which Divided by 3? 6.66. Satan's number. So to defy Satan, i decided it was my duty to blog about sports. 
Now, i fully understand that blogging about sports is going to limit my audience, particularly among those i call friends. I can think of only a handful of people that will even get some of the jokes that will be joked or will understand the references that will be referenced. I probably won't get some of them myself.
Why sports? Well first of all, there is so much to talk about. The sports world is huge, and there is always something to talk about. To be honest, i think sports is one of the only things i can speak intelligently about. We can discuss who was better than who, who will defeat who, or who will get arrested doing what drugs in what city with what r&b artist. But, at the end of the day, the numbers do the talking. 
I will try my best to keep it pithy, keep it entertaining, and, above all, crass. I really hope that those of you who aren't sports fans will still read and laugh and comment and talk dirty about my blog. For reals, yo. Das real talk.
So, welcome to my sports blog, aptly named "How Crass". Why Crass? Why Not?
Crass, as defined by my computer just now, means lacking refinement, sensitivity, or intelligence. So while i am going to do my best to keep it curse word free (for the kids) i am never going to try and sound smarter than you and i know i am. Get ready to have CRASS coming out your KAISER. 

(i wrote keister, but spell check suggested that i was trying to say kaiser. i think, in hindsight, i was obviously trying to spell kaiser.)
(photo credit, Trevor "the wiley wirey bandit" Alleman)